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10th-Aug-2009 02:12 am - PBF
12 icons from The Perry Bible Fellowship


Go monkey, go!Collapse )
18th-Mar-2008 11:40 pm - Tintin in the Congo
In general I decided to skip Tintin in the Congo, because it's both incredibly racist and phenomenally stupid. But I ended up with three icons anyway:

9th-Mar-2008 10:27 am - Tintin (part 1)
57 icons from Tintin in the Land of the Soviets.


Stand by for trouble!Collapse )
18th-Dec-2007 12:26 pm - Holiday icons
Two holiday icons from the defunct comic strip Medium Large:

14th-Oct-2007 02:49 am - Whale Rider icons
The current big project: 100 of these for fantasy100.

10/14: 11/50 themed, 11/50 AC. Four new ones since I last posted on my LJ. (They're the ones with text.)

Hold onto your dicksCollapse )
14th-Oct-2007 12:50 am - Early series
Fourteen Futurama icons from my first playing around with iconmaking.

I can't spell anything with this cut tagCollapse )
13th-Oct-2007 11:14 pm - First icon
To start this journal, my most recent icon; quote from Memory by Lois McMaster Bujold.

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